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Khaja (1/2Kg)

Laung-Lata (1/2Kg)

Parwal Mithai (1/2Kg)

Litti Chokha (4 piece)

Thekua/Khajur (1 Kg)

Baigan[Brinjal] (1 Kg)

Khubi ka lai (1/2Kg)

Anarsa (1/2 Kg)

Balushahi (1/2 Kg)

Laktho (1/2 kg)

Sattu Powder (1 Kg)


The Delivery of Joy of having our favourate items from our hometown/city which we miss today living in other cities. You can just post your "Joy moment" you wish to expirence and anyone travelling within India via flight or train can become the reason for the Joy moment of other by carrying with them.

For example, I want to have Kolkata rosugulla and someone coming from Kolkata to Bangalore can carry with him and handover to me at airport. Grandma lives in her hometown has prepared his grandson's favourite receipe who lives in Bangalore. How can she make sure his Grandson can have the experience the Joy?

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